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The Seed Association of the Americas (SAA) and the Argentinean Seed Association (ASA) are pleased to invite you to the 7th Seed Congress of the Americas.

This event will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, no doubt, the most sophisticated city in Latin America. Combines eclectic architecture, modern art museums, vanguard design and fashion and bustling bars. For sure, to discover this cosmopolitan spot will blow your mind.

Argentina is an outstanding host, not only for the attractions of the country and its capital, but also for what it represents for the seed sector. It is one of the main countries in agro-food production, reaching 130 million tons of grain and 30 million hectares dedicated to production. On the other hand, this country is a leader in technologies applied to agricultural production and has a strategic location for the development of counter-season business.

The Congress represents a great opportunity for world seed companies and associated businesses to get together and discuss topics we have in common in our growing industry, to establish new business and of course to reunite with friends and colleagues. Great expositions, known speakers, the ideal event to meet the best professionals of the industry.

The motto of the meeting is “Promoting the Seed Business in the Americas” and the focus is on Trade and Regulations. The agenda addresses the burning issues that the industry is facing today: Intellectual Property, Biotechnology, Phytosanitary Issues and Seed Treatment. On the other hand, reinforces the investment and work that industry and other institutions have been doing in research, innovation and plant breeder’s rights.

Once again, we have organized the classic Trading Floor, a comfortable place where business may be discussed with colleagues.

The SAA Congress, which takes place every two years and brings together the leading seed companies, has become one of the most important in the Americas. It represents an extraordinary opportunity to congregate, generate new business, promote your products and become aware of relevant information and the latest novelties concerning the key topics to the industry and governments.

Your participation would be a great opportunity for you and your company.

The Congress will take place from September 9, 10 & 11, 2019, at Hilton Hotel Buenos Aires (Argentina).

We hope to see you soon!


Buenos Aires

The 7th Seed Congress of the Americas will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the most sophisticated city in Latin America. Combines eclectic architecture, modern art museums, vanguard design and fashion and bustling bars. Ideal to scape on a tango and foodie tour or to experience a vibrant soccer match. Buenos Aires is an energetic place; whose people have a strong sense of community. You will see people chatting on the street corner or in cafes. Spontaneous, Argentinean are charming, smart and educated. For sure, you will feel comfortable since it’s the city with more English speakers in South America. Argentina’s cuisine is strongly influenced by Italian and Spanish cultures, that’s why dishes include cheeses and olives, but this country is best known for their high-quality beef. Next September you must try it with chimichurri and notable wines like Malbec or Torrontes.


Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel

Exceptionally located in the riverside Puerto Madero district with beautiful views to the river and city. Hilton Buenos Aires is within walking distance to the city’s top attractions and best restaurants.

Enjoy Argentinian cuisine at El Faro Restaurant, relax on the rooftop pool, or just unwind in their stylish guest rooms. Hilton Buenos Aires has three stylish hotel dining options and walking distance to Buenos Aires’ top restaurants.

As iconic as it is impressive, hotel glass atrium lobby is a sight to behold. A star in itself, the lobby has been chosen for its elegance and grandeur to be the recording site of several movies.

Rate: USD 149

Single / Double breakfast included.
Participants with Argentinian document must add taxes 21%

Dear Participant: for accommodation reservations please contact

Credit card information will be taken to guarantee the reservation, being the hotel who will charge it when confirming your reservation.
Special rate for the event, which does not allow modifications or cancellations.

IMPORTANT: to benefit from the tax exemption, all hotel guests tourists not resident in Argentina, must present at check in their passport with the stamp of the migrations indicating the date of entry into the country. You will be exempt from the tax, as long as you pay for your accommodation with a credit card issued by a bank abroad. This law is applied to the lodging rate. The exemption does NOT APPLY in case of cancellations or no show.

The sessions will be aligned to three areas of work: Innovation, Environmental, social and economic sustainability and Facilitation of the seed movement.

Seed treatment & applied technologies


On an ever-evolving market, it is a must to have a clearer understanding of their features, benefits and registration rules, as well as, treated seed movement between countries.

With an increase in trade and movement of treated seed amongst countries in the Americas and globally, there is a need for a space to provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding whether or not a seed with a certain treatment or seed applied technology can be moved. This session will provide information to get answers the seed industry and regulatory agencies in the Americas may need regarding the smooth flow of treated seed and provide the audience a clearer view on how these newest seed applied technologies bring benefits to farmers around the world and the environment. We expect this session will contribute to a clearer path for the flow of treated seed across countries in a sustainable manner.


Innovation: Intellectual Property & Plant Breeders Rights


Plant varieties and plant breeding innovations can be protected by Plant Breeders Rights and Patents. Effective intellectual property protection on such developments is crucial for further developments, however, is a challenge. The session on IP will explore regulatory frameworks in the region, coexistence of rights, royalty collection and enforcement tools for plant breeding innovations in this cutting-edge technology field. The agenda will also address the use of molecular markers for variety identification and differentiation as an effective tool for protection.





In the past couple of years biotechnology tools supporting plant breeding evolved drastically from basic research to advanced projects and commercial products. The driving engine behind these developments is gene editing. Plant Breeding Innovation (PBI) focuses on gene editing tools that are friendly to regulatory requirements. Regulatory frameworks evolve after these plant breeding methods have been released, consequently delaying the access to these tools and their benefits or causing obsolescence before being available. The “Americas” is the region where regulations for gene editing were issued by several important agricultural countries, thus putting the region in a leading position on this topic. Separating clearly GMO regulations from those ones regulating gene editing that do not imply transgenesis is important.  Academia, research institutes, local and multinational companies, all are highly interested in the potential of gene editing.  SAA together with other international seed associations is working hard globally in order to support a regulatory scenario that fits science and allows the adoption of plant breeding developments in benefit of all stakeholders from industry downstream to the consumer. Given agriculture as well as seed and grain trade are key for our region, SAA Biotech Working Group (BWG) is focused on supporting favorable gene editing regulations where requested and on communicating on the of the benefits of these methods for consumers, farmers and environment.

Phytosanitary matters


The main topics of this session pursue to identify and analyze the new challenges and capitalize the advances to solve phytosanitary problems in the movement of seeds among the SAA member countries.
Two years after the approval of the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) No. 38 of international movement of seeds, by the International Plant Protection Convention, we will share the efforts made by plant protection offices (NPPO) and industry based on this new standard, to promote its implementation and define actions that tend to facilitate the movement of seeds across the borders.

The best seed gathering of the Americas in just

Date: September 9 to 11, 2019

Venue: Hilton Hotel Buenos Aires, Argentina


Private Transfer Airport / Hotel / Airport (Ezeiza) 
USD 70 per way up to 2 passengers with moderate luggage
Private Transfer Airport / Hotel Airport (Aeroparque)
USD 40 per way up to 2 passengers with moderate luggage 
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The meeting is intended to gather people, companies and public and private agencies involved in the seed industry in its broadest sense.

Participant – USD 440

Students – USD 250

Government – USD 250



Early registrations (on line) USD 440
up to June 30th (including the 30th.)

Registrations (on line) USD 510
open until September 4th (including)

After September 4th USD 550
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There will be a booth area where companies and agencies can feature their latest technologies related to seeds and promote their various activities.

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Trading tables

Trading tables will be available next to the conference and exhibition rooms. They can be booked in advance through the registration process.

Trading floor will be open on Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Cost per table: USD 200


Simultaneos interpretation will be available (English, Spanish)


Please check whether you are required a VISA if you wish to visit Argentina at:


Foreign guests to congresses



Exhibition of research & Academic Projects.
Deadline: August 20th, 2019

Working groups will be closed for SAA members.
If you are especially interested in participating please contact:

Intellectual property
Monday 9 – 8 AM to 1 PM
Coordinator: Diego Risso

Seed treatment
Monday 9 – 8 AM to 1 PM
Coordinator: Antonio Tejada

Biotechnology and innovation
Thursday 12 – 8 AM to 1 PM | 2 to 6 PM
Coordinator: Juan Kiekebusch

Regulations and phytosanitary issues
Thursday 12 – 8 AM to 1 PM | 2 to 6 PM
Coordinator: Inés Ares

Registration fees

Please, complete the registration form by selecting the corresponding category.

Until 15/07/2019

Delegate – USD 440

Students – USD 250

Government – USD 250


Until 04/09/2019

Delegate – USD 510

Students – USD 250

Government – USD 250



Delegate – USD 550

Students – USD 550

Government – USD 550


Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations received before Friday August 16, 2019 will have a refund of 80% of the original value due to administrative expenses.
Cancellations received from Saturday August 17, 2019 will have no refund.

The 7th SAA Congress bring together the leading companies of the seed industry. This event provides a great opportunity to promote business, new products and become aware of relevant information and the latest novelties concerning the key topics to the industry and government.

SAA and ASA have made an exclusive selection of the leading companies which; given their relevance in the market, offer a special distinction to our Congress. In this context, we invite your company to participate as a sponsor at this grand event, where participants from most American countries, from both the private and government sectors, will meet to share ideas and business.

We invite you to explore the sponsorship opportunities. (Link a la carpeta de Sponsors)

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  • Which are the benefits of participating at a SAA congress?
    “Finding new business partners and getting detail market & information of South America”

    Why would you recommend to attend SAA congress?
    “To reach local companies easily”

    What would you expect for our next congress in Argentina?
    “Getting to know more local companies in Argentina, especially vegetable seed sector”

    Andy Ryu
    Asia Seed Co.
  • Why would you recommend to attend SAA congress?
    “My participation in the congress is due to interact with well-known colleagues and look for new business opportunities. For all this I recommend participating.”

    Ing. Agr. Ricardo Yapur
    C E O – Rizobacter Argentina
  • Which are the benefits of participating at a SAA congress?
    “To update with the seed business um the region, to relate with seed people and to update technological aspects”

    Why would you recommend to attend SAA congress?
    “Argentina has a long history of exporting seeds and is easy to get there”

    What would you expect for our next congress in Argentina?
    “Un buen número de participantes y un buen programa comercial y técnico”.

    Silmar Peske
    Magazine SEEDnews
  • Which are the benefits of participating at a SAA congress?
    “The SAA Congresses allow an opportunity to meet with other companies but also Government officials from across the America’s to define common policy issues, and develop action plans to influence these in a harmonized way across the region, and with one mutual and strong voice.”

    Why would you recommend to attend SAA congress?
    “This is one of the major opportunities to sit down together in one room to discuss mutually important topics and take the time to deliberate on the best way to address the critical policy topics facing our industry, such as Intellectual Property protection, Phytosanitary regulations, gene editing policy development and technology acceptance as a method to drive Innovation.”

    What would you expect for our next congress in Argentina?
    “We would like to focus on a review within SAA what the ongoing main policy topics and goals are in the America’s, and work with other industry partners and colleagues to develop action plans to take these policy topics via the various National Seed Associations to each National Government, to ensure support for the seed industry with regionally harmonized policies and regulations.”

    Marc Cool
    Global Seed Policy Leader
    Corteva Agriscience™
  • Which are the benefits of participating at a SAA congress?
    “Great network, customer interactions, policy shaping, industry knowledge sharing.”

    What would you expect for our next congress in Argentina?
    “Positive interactions between different players in the seed industry to evolve the future shape of the seeds market in LATAM.”

    Marc Olivier Zwicky


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