Meet Latin America’s Newest News Source on Seed

The Seed Association of the Americas and the Seed World Group partner to create a new source of information for and about the Latin American seed sector.

Seed World Latin America (Seed World LATAM) magazine aims to provide a new source of information that condenses all the priority issues for the region while facilitating knowledge sharing, fostering collaboration, influencing policies, providing market intelligence and promoting sustainability.

“The seed sector plays a crucial role in agriculture and food production and having access to timely and accurate information about industry trends, technological advancements, market dynamics, policy changes, and other relevant developments can greatly benefit stakeholders within the sector,” says Diego Risso, executive director of the SAA.

In addition, this magazine aims to highlight regional challenges and opportunities, highlight successful farming practices, profile emerging seed technologies, share research findings and inform readers about relevant policies affecting the sector, both in North, Central and South America.

“The seed industry across the Americas is expanding dramatically and the growth continues to be quite impressive. That said, there are indeed plenty of issues and communication is critical to manage those issues. The role that the Seed Association of the Americas plays in facilitating those discussions across the Americas is further amplified with both Seed World and our new effort Seed World LATAM,” says Shawn Brook, president of Seed World Group.

The partnership has created a new magazine called Seed World Latin America (Seed World LATAM), a news source striving to be the go-to media for Latin American news. The publication is printed in Spanish but will have digital versions both in Spanish and English, with the potential to expand to other languages.

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