Its main objective is to gather, generate and share information on di­fferent phytosanitary aspects, in order to support the dialogue between national seed associations (NSA) and official authorities (NPPOs & RPPOs), to achieve harmonized regulations and a smooth movement of seeds between countries.

Since 2017, an international phytosanitary standard for seeds was adopted by the IPPC: ISPM38: International movement of seeds. Therefore, achieving the implementation of this standard by the official authorities has become the main objective of this group. The fluid exchange & dialogue between the industry and official authorities at all levels (international, regional, national), is the great strength of the SAA to support phytosanitary matters.

Natalia Fernández Eraso | Bayer Crop Science, Argentina
Vice chair
Lorena Dean | Eurofins Biodiagnostics Inc., USA
María Inés Ares | SAA


This group seeks to support discussions around the development of topics of Innovation in Plant Breeding, Low Level Presence and Biotechnology to achieve harmonized and scientifically based regulations in the region. It also participates in regional and global discussions on biotechnology seeking favorable regulatory frameworks that allow the approval and free trade of seeds. Tracks barriers to GMOs in trade that restrict the movement of seeds in the Americas and the world supporting discussions and seeking solutions.

Regional and international efforts in relation to the minimum presence of GMOs (LLP) in crops and new genetic improvement techniques are priority areas (NBT’s / PBI), especially genome editing and the development of new related technologies are our focus, but there are also other issues that are developed and coexist in this work group, such as quality systems in the processes, where the experience shared among all SAA members is a great strength.

Luis Maas | Enza Zaden, USA
Vice chair
María Cecilia Roca | Corteva, Argentina
Juan Kiekebusch | SAA


This group seeks to reduce barriers of treated seed across the Americas, support the adoption of new Seed Applied Technologies and share information related to regulation and labeling, while promoting seed trade in the Americas.

It promotes the adoption of di­fferent Seed Applied Technologies that prevent early losses in crops due to diseases and soil pests, as well as advocates for treatments that follow Best Practices Protocols taking special care of the environment, health, safety and well-being of operators and growers.

This working group also encourages harmonized labeling, legislation and regulations as well as the application of seed treatment products in professional seed treatment facilities.

Leo Zappe | Syngenta, Brazil
Vice Chair
Sergio Rodrigues | Corteva, Brazil
Pedro Rugeroni | SAA


This group develops strategies on matters related to plant variety protection & PBR’s and leads efforts to strengthen international intellectual property protection. It also advises on rules and procedures and provides guidance to conduct programs and studies across the continent on these matters.

It also advocates for a clear and precise regulatory framework that guarantees respect for the rights of plants breeders and makes alliances between the Americas on international intellectual property policy issues.

  • UPOV 1991
  • Molecular Markers &EDV
  • Farmers & Breeders rights

Marymar Butruille | Bayer Crop Science, USA
Diego Risso | SAA